Nevada Medical Marijuana Facts

Who can buy medical marijuana in Nevada?

Nevada medical marijuana laws allow out of state residents, including people from California, Colorado, Oregon and Arizona, to buy if they have a state-issued medical marijuana card that is current and valid.

Note to Washington State and Colorado patients: Recreational sale of medical marijuana in Nevada is not allowed. You must hold a state-issued medical marijuana card to purchase at Kanna Reno, or any other Nevada medical marijuana dispensary.

How do I buy medical marijuana in Nevada if I am not from Nevada?

Simply download the Nevada Nonresident Medical Marijuana Cardholder Affidavit and bring it to Kanna, or any Nevada medical marijuana dispensary, along with your unexpired medical marijuana card from your state of residence. You will also need to bring a driver’s license.

What fees do out-of-state medical marijuana customers have to pay?

None! Nevada charges no additional registration fees for out-of-state customers.

How much medical marijuana can out-of-state customers buy in Nevada?

Out-of-state customers can buy up to the Nevada medical marijuana legal limit, which is 2.5 ounces every two weeks.

Can I bring medical marijuana from Nevada back home?

Do not try this, even if you are taking medical marijuana to a neighboring state where it is legal. Nevada medical marijuana laws were set up to allow patient access to medicine while vacationing or working in Nevada. State law protects legitimate out-of-state customers who are traveling with marijuana purchased in Nevada. That protection ends at the state line.

Federal laws apply once you cross from one state to another, and the U.S. government still considers marijuana illegal. We encourage our customers to be careful when they travel. We also cannot and will not ship or deliver our products outside of Nevada.